15 Ground Meat Dinners On A Budget

15 ground meat dinners on a budget thesproutingseed.comHave you ever been stuck in a food rut?

I’ve been in one lately. I didn’t realize it until now. For dinner tonight, I prepared burgers made from grass-fed beef. They were yummy and I have no complaints, but for the past few months there’s been a pretty tight rotation of hamburgers, tacos or chili. Sometimes meatloaf…if someone’s coming to dinner.

I purchase ground meat pretty often because it’s one of the cheaper cuts of meat. Grass-fed/pastured meat is crazy expensive, so I try to choose cuts like ground meat, roasts or stew meats. (I’ve even started to buy organs like liver! It’s a big step for me.)

So, I’m inspired to break out of my ground meat rut and try new recipes. Below are 15 yummy ground meat recipes from some amazing real food bloggers. Here’s to saving a little moo-lah!

What’s your favorite way to cook ground meat?

14 ground meat dinners thesproutingseed.com1. Chorizo-Spiced Lamb and Date Meatballs from Meatified

Roasted Vegetable Meatloaf2. Roasted Vegetable Meatloaf-The Sprouting Seed

spagBoats3. Grain-free Spaghetti Boats-The Savory Lotus

taq4. Viva La Beef Taquitos-The Elliot Homestead

yummy spinach and chorizo frittata, perfect for brunch or quick dinner thesproutingseed.com5. Spinach and Chorizo Frittata-The Sprouting Seed

14 ground meat dinners on a budget thesproutingseed.com6. Meatloaf Cupcakes from Our Small Hours

pie7. Savory Shepherd’s Pie-The Savory Lotus

oven-baked-burger-1024x6808. Oven Baked Burger-Healthy Living How To

Easy-Mexican-Casserole9. Easy Beef and Cheese Mexican Casserole-Homemade Mommy

green chili burger thesproutingseed.com

Green Chili and Cilantro Burger (Paleo)

10. Green Chili and Cilantro Burgers from The Sprouting Seed

butternut squash and beef chili thesproutingseed.com11. Butternut Squash and Beef Chili-The Sprouting Seed

New-Taco-Night12. Tacos with Homemade Taco Seasoning-Homemade Mommy
beef13. Scalloped Potatoes with Grass-Fed Beef-The Elliot Homestead

pep14. Stuffed Peppers with Ground Turkey-Eat Your Beets

14 ground meat dinners thesproutingseed.com 15. Salsbury Steak Stroganoff from DJ Foodie

*LOL. DJ Foodie says this meal is ugly as sin, but TAAAASTY :)  


This post has gotten so much love lately, I thought I’d add a few more ideas!

15 ground meat dinners on a budget

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  1. These are great ideas! I definitely am stuck in a rut with ground beef & chicken recipes. I’m adding the stuffed acorn squash to my meal plan for next week.

    • Allison Jordan says:

      Great Lauren! The stuffed acorn squash looks so good! I’m making a version of it next week too! Bon appetite!

  2. Michael Ring says:

    I liked “I purchase ground meat pretty often because it’s one of the cheaper cuts of meat.” Didn’t know grinding was a cut. ;)

  3. Some great ideas here, I love shepherds pie, cottage pie and chili ! I think the mexican dish will be my first one to try from above – YUM!

  4. I made the burgers tonight and they were a big hit!!! I have picky eaters and everyone loved them ❤️ The only thing I did differently was using my George Forman,which cut down on the cooking time

  5. I arrived at this post because I have leftover ground beef and no money for dinner! I figured I might as well see what I can put together for tonight, I decided to do the frittata but I have no spinach so I’m using tomatoes and some cheese, possibly I might throw in some potatoes ;) lol Thank you for this post, it really helped :)

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