Bronzing Whipped Body Butter

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diy bronzing body butter #diybronzer #whippedbodybutter

It’ll make you want to eat it.

Cacao powder, cinnamon, nutmeg-all whipped up into a creamy spread. This whipped body butter looks and smells so yummy you’ll want to eat it. But, seriously…don’t.

Although it’s perfectly harmless (which I LOVE), it’s not all that tasty–as a few of my family members can attest. This past weekend, I made this whipped body butter as Christmas gifts for friends. Ezra (my son), only a toddler, couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t let him lick the whisk. My husband, not a toddler, did lick the whisk. No, dear. It’s for your body, not your mouth.  Sorry, honey!

Later, I handed a jar to my mom and before I knew it, she’d scooped up a glob into her mouth. Needless to say, after a quick explanation that it was BODY butter, she was NOT happy. Lesson learned: label your jars.

Once clearly labeled, whipped body butter can be enjoyed by all! It’s homemade with all-natural ingredients, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, AND imparts a sun-kissed glow.

diy bronzer whipped body butter #diybronzer #whippedbodybutter #gift

diy bronzing body butter #diybronzer #bodybutter

bronzing body butter gift

DIY: Bronzing Whipped Body Butter


1 cup (8 oz) shea butter (find it HERE)
1/2 cup coconut oil (find it HERE)
1/2 cup good olive oil
1-2 Tablespoons cocoa or cacao powder (find it HERE)
1 teaspoon naturally-derived Vitamin E oil (optional) (find GMO-free Vitamin E oil HERE)
5-10 drops essential oil (I used peppermint) (find therapeutic essential oils HERE)


2 Tablespoons ground cinnamon

(if you use cinnamon, make sure it is very finely ground)


  1. Shea butter can be substituted for cocoa butter
  2. Olive oil can be substituted for sweet almond oil, or jojoba oil or something similar
  3. choose an essential oil that is “skin-friendly”–not all essential oils are
  4. Bronzing body butter will remain whipped at room temperature unless it’s very hot. In hotter climates, store in the fridge. Otherwise, just store in an airtight container!
  5. The Vitamin E helps preserve the bronzing body butter for up to one year.
  6. Depending on how dark you want your bronzer, add more cacao powder. Since I have very fair skin, I only add 1 tablespoon.
  7. *The photos above are taken without the cinnamon and nutmeg. I added that later to get a more sun-kissed glow, so the body butter will look darker than photographed.


  1. Using a double boiler (or a small bowl that fits over a small pot), melt the shea butter and coconut oil on low heat. When they become completely liquified, remove from heat. Let cool for 30 minutes.
  2. Then mix in the olive oil, cacao powder (and cinnamon if desired), essential oil and vitamin E.
  3. Place the oil mixture in the freezer to firm up.
  4. When the oil mixture is partially solidified, remove from freezer and whip the partially-solidified mixture until peaks form. (The consistency will be like whipped butter!)
  5. Scoop into a clean, glass jar.


Ps. It makes a great gift! Did I mention you should label it, though!? 

DIY Bronzing Body Butter with all-natural ingredients

PAID ENDORSEMENT DISCLOSURE: In order for me to support my blogging activities, I may receive monetary compensation or other types of remuneration for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services from this blog.


  1. SO pretty!

  2. This is great! I’m sure someone in my family will attempt to taste it even w/a label ;-). Is this ok to ship cross country to family? Given the temps recently I can’t imagine it melting, but…? Living in Fl my west coast friends/fam are suffering more than I 😉

    thanks for the treat! :-))

    • Allison Jordan says:

      Ha! Well, at least it’s edible, right!? I’ve never shipped it before. I have left it out and let it get really warm though. It’s not quite as “whippy”, but still works as an amazing moisturizer and remains as a cream. Please let me know how it goes!

  3. hi there! i am making this great recipe.
    i double checked the ingredients, because
    the mixture is much darker than the photos.
    does it lighten at the mixture solidifies?
    i hope so.!
    thank you for your attention on this.


    • Allison Jordan says:

      Hey Owen! Thanks for commenting! Here’s a few things that could be affecting the color:

      1. There was so much light when I photographed the body butter that it looks a little lighter in the picture than it does in real life. 2. I went back and added the cinnamon and nutmeg later because I wanted a more sun-kissed glow, so once you add those things, it does get a little darker. 3. Did you use cacao or cocoa powder? If you used cocoa it might be darker…my cacao powder is much lighter than cocoa powder.

      Hope that helps! Sorry the picture doesn’t reflect the color perfectly.

      Oh, and if you feel like the color is too dark, you could always make another half batch of the body butter and not include the cacao, cinnamon and nutmeg. Then, mix your bronzing body butter into the half batch. It will decrease the concentration of color and lighten it a bit.

  4. The coconut oil using in this recipe have to be in solid form?
    There’re only liquid one where i live bcoz the temperature is pretty high (unless i put it overnight in a fridge but it will melt anyway if taken out). Can i use something else instead of coconut oil?

    • It does not have to be in solid form when you make this. You melt it anyway, so it’s just one step easier! The body butter should be ok once you whip it with shea butter, but if it gets too hot in your home you may keep the lotion in the fridge.

  5. How long does the color last on your skin?

    • Sherri, probably about 30 minutes-1 hour. I like it because it’s subtle and just evens out pigmentation. As the lotion wears off, the hint of color fades.

  6. I am wondering if I could use both shea butter and cocoa butter and not use the coconut oil? (Subsitute the coconut oil with cocoa butter) Coconut oil seems to make my skin more dry.

    • I’ve never made it without coconut oil. Please let me know how it turns out! I’m thinking it may just turn out to be thicker.

  7. LOVE this! Thank you for sharing. I bet it would be even MORE divine with a tsp of melted Espresso granules! Mmmm.

  8. This sounds amazing! You have an amazing blog! I love it!

  9. Jill Quirk says:

    I have been making, using and passing on as ‘spa package’ presents the body whip cream, and a scrub I make from Italian coffee and Balinese coconut oil – the recipe you use is similar to mine and it is never a failure -I now make up a kilo of Shae Butter etc at a time and store it in the fridge – it lasts!!!!!! I always use the fridge to cool the oil mixture when I make it then whip it. I add aloe Vera gel I buy in India to.’cut’ the oiliness. Once out of the fridge I attach a wooden scoop to each jar and write on the label that it must be used within 3 months. My daughter (24 and very ‘picky’) and her friends LOVE this moisturiser as it extends the life of the spray tans they don’t think they can’t live without. I doubt we will use commercial moisturisers again.
    I have just made the tanning version – looks gorgeous!!!!

  10. Hadasa White says:

    will it stain your clothes or bed sheets?

    • If you let it soak in on your skin and dry before dressing, it doesn’t stain. I have had a small stain when I dressed right after applying it, but the stain easily came out in the wash.

  11. Verena McGregor says:

    Hi, this recipe looks really amazing, especially with winter coming up in these parts.
    I am just wondering if it stains your clothing though? I am a very active person and I tend to sweat, so not sure if i’ll end up with stains on my workout wear….

    • Allison says:

      I’ve only had it stain once when I put on clothing immediately after applying the lotion. I hadn’t even let it dry. Now, I let it dry and haven’t had any problems.

  12. Claudia says:

    Hi Allison.
    I tried the recipe for mother’s day but for some reason it was too watery. I would stay whipped for about about 10 minutes and then turn to liquid. Any suggestions on how to fix it?

    Thank you.

    • Allison says:

      Hi Claudia, it sounds like it needs to stay in the freezer to firm up longer before you whip it. It should be almost frozen. You can stick it back in the freezer and let it get solid. Also, because of the hot temps outside, the finished product will soften up a bit in the summer months. Simply stick it in the fridge.

  13. candace says:

    I was wondering if anyone else had a problem with the butter being gritty? The spices seem to be very gritty and show up on the skin. Any solution?

    • Mine turned out gritty, too. Brown flecks left on skin- looks like dirt

      • Allison says:

        I’m sorry you had that experience! I’ve not had that happen. I’ll tinker around with it to see why you might have had that happen.

    • Allison says:

      Hi Candace, I’ve not had this happen, but I’m going to tinker around with some stuff to see what’s going on! Thanks for sharing!

    • I just made mine and had the same issue. I wonder if it works better with just the cocoa powder.


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